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By purchasing a certificate from LIVELIHOODS, you will help people stand on their own two feet. Small farmers, craftsmen, and their families can support themselves thanks to these gifts and don’t have to depend on help from others.

Happy goat

A healthy goat serves as a source of milk and income for a poor family. In addition to milk, the goat can have kids and eventually make a herd, which will help to…

Price: € 33,00

Twenty chickens

This Real Gift certificate has the value of twenty live chickens. The chickens donated are a source of income for poor families. When the chicks grow up they lay eggs,…

Price: € 9,00


A donkey with a cart

A donkey is a fantastic gift! A donkey can serve as a means of transportation in countries that have no asphalted roads. It can carry up to four barrels of water, or…

Price: € 277,00

Fruit trees

This Real Gift certificate has the value of fifteen seedlings of fruit trees, which can help one family in Sri Lanka start out on their own. The country has been…

Price: € 11,00


Marvellous sewing machine

This Real Gift certificate has the value of one sewing machine. For a woman living in difficult conditions, a sewing machine can mean a better future and the…

Price: € 55,00


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