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Blackboards for schools

A blackboard means a school, and a school can have many forms. In some places, children have their lessons in the open air; in other places they have a building with a roof and windows. Locations are different but the essential elements are the children, a teacher, textbooks, notepads, pencils, and a BLACKBOARD. Schools cannot function without a blackboard!

By purchasing this Real Gift certificate you will support our SCHOOLS program.

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By purchasing this certificate you will contribute to the aid program SCHOOL.

Children in Ethiopia and Afghanistan have a chance for a better future if they go to school. But many of them are not able to attend school because there is no school in their surrounding area. In some countries, formal education still remains an unattainable dream for children. People in Need is, however, trying to make this a reality with the help of Czech donors. We use proceedings from the SCHOOL program to build and equip new schools for children in poor countries of Africa and Asia.


Learning to read and write is an unattainable dream for many Ethiopian children and literacy is approximately 40%. There are only a few schools in this country, and most are poorly equipped. Thanks to the Real Gift campaign, People in Need have been able to appropriately equip several schools.

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Finally, we know how a human body works!

Learning at school is much more difficult for pupils from Ethiopia than for our children. There are many more children per class, which are often taught in primitive conditions and without textbooks. They also often have to walk long distances to their schools. That's why People in Need has already built ten schools in Ethiopia.

One of them is Awassa Boarding School in the south of the country. This school is considered to be one of the best in the country. A hundred and sixty out of the 480 places are reserved for orphans between the ages of 14 and 16. Students are provided with lunch, school supplies, compulsory school uniforms and healthcare. Although there is a hall of residence available, there are only 24 students occupying it because of lack of funds.

The school was provided with new equipment for its science laboratory, where students have biology, chemistry and physics classes. "It makes a huge difference to see how the things we learn at school work in practice. It's much better!" says Lema Birhanu, a very pleased ninth grader.

During their biology lessons pupils can use human anatomy models and there is also a model of a human skeleton at their disposal. "We can touch the models which makes learning much clearer!" adds Frezer Tesfaye Birhanu. Until now pupils could only learn from pictures, which they drew themselves or the teacher drew on the blackboard. The lessons are now much easier for teachers as well. "Pupils know things by name which in the past I had to explain in a complicated way. The new equipment is very useful and much appreciated!" says a delighted biology teacher, Getu Yigezu.

Science is very popular among pupils in Ethiopia and 70% of them choose to study science at university. The pupils of Awassa Boarding School are no different. Most of them prefer biology, chemistry or physics. "I love maths. We haven't been provided with any maths equipment but I think it's more needed for other subjects" says Meseret Masebo, a student from the ninth grade.

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A few facts about the education system in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a very poor country with big economic growth potential. The biggest obstacle to its growth is the very low level of education. More than half of Ethiopians above the age of 15 are illiterate. There is a lack of educated professionals in the country, especially in the underdeveloped agriculture sector and other sectors that are seriously affected by constant droughts.

Considering that there are only a few schools in the country, it's common to have over a hundred pupils in one class. In some areas of the country, schools cannot accommodate such numbers, so there are morning and afternoon sessions.

People in Need has been working in Ethiopia since 2003. So far, we have managed to build over 10 elementary schools for more than 2,100 children and expand a secondary school in Awassa. Thanks to the Real Gift campaign, we are also able to equip all these schools.

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