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Fruit trees

This Real Gift certificate has the value of fifteen seedlings of fruit trees, which can help one family in Sri Lanka start out on their own. The country has been affected not only by the tsunami, but also by a war which deprived thousands of fishermen of their ability to make a living.

By purchasing a Real Gift certificate you will support our LIVELIHOODS program.

See below for the preview of our Real Gift certificate or read a story about how a Real Gift helps.

€ 11,00

By purchasing this certificate you will contribute to the aid program LIVELIHOODS.

Proceedings from the LIVELIHOODS program are used to help people start out on their own. We help particularly those individuals who lost their livelihoods or are unable to support their families because of a natural disaster or war. Fishermen receive canoes and fishing nets to enable them to get back to fishing. Farmers are provided with sheep, cows or agricultural equipment or seed stock. Finally, we hold training courses for those who are starting a new trade.

Our aim is to help people achieve economic independence for themselves. We have neither the intention nor the ability to provide long-term support once individuals and their families are in a position to support themselves. Thanks to LIVELIHOODS projects, these people are able to stand on their own two feet again.

Planting trees that sustain us

In Afghanistan, people's livelihoods depend on natural resources. However, poor people aren't able to protect and renew natural resources in a sustainable way.

People in Need runs intensive courses and workshops on this topic for representatives of local communities. We hold discussions on ways to protect grazing lands, ways to get water for irrigation and preventive measures against floods, as well as on the possibility of building a nursery for growing young plants and trees.

Thanks to the contributions from the Real Gift campaign, this year, we were able to distribute three kinds of seedlings - apple trees, Russian willow trees and pine trees -to twenty villages in the south of Balch province. These trees are going to help protect grazing lands and agricultural land against erosion and in some cases even residential houses against seasonal floods and subsequent landslides.

For example ee planted trees in the villages of Omakai Afghania and Omakai Uzbekia. A river floods every spring between these villages and destroys farmland.

During the distribution of the seedlings, 76-year-old Baba Arama, a local farmer, told us, 'Floods happen frequently in this area and often lead to land erosion, which destroys our house, fields, grazing lands and causes other problems. I have 9 children and 18 grandchildren and I have never had enough money in my life to take preventive measures. I am now able to use the donated trees to build a wall to protect our fertile land against the water, which takes the land away every year.'

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People in Need in Afghanistan

Distribution of seedlings financed by the Real Gift campaign was part of a three-year project to improve natural resource management in the province of Balch— in the north of Afghanistan—where People in Need has worked on a long-term basis. The aim was to secure livelihoods for people in poor villages by improving their living standards. Overall, thanks to our donors, we were able to distribute 1,320 seedlings to twenty villages. The local farmers planted the seedlings provided in areas exposed to the biggest risks of erosion and which would also serve the community.

Rain helps rich crop of beans

People in Need has been working in Central Ethiopia in the area of Lake Awassa. Apart from building schools, we are also trying to support local farmers. For example, people from the village of Lebu Koromo were provided with an opportunity to obtain chickens and seedlings for their livelihoods. In the end, they decided to go with beans.

'We have agreed with our neighbors that although chickens can help us during dry summers we prefer to sow beans this year because the summer has been good. It has rained a lot and the crop could be good and help us the following year,' says Burasa Boshiro, one of the recipients of a Real Gift who lives with his wife and four children in a traditional Sidama houses made of thatch.

Everyone is really happy about the amount of rainfall this year, and are anticipating a good crop, which they haven't had in a long time. However, rain carries serious problems as well. 'We lose a lot of soil from our fields during the rain season', explains Burasa. 'Forests in the mountains above the villages are long gone and so all the water, which the monsoon season brings along, rushes down the hills uncontrollably through our village and takes away our fertile soil.'

Right behind Burasa's house is one of the many deep gullies, which slowly but surely eats away not just at the fields but also the village. 'My field is getting smaller. Some of the beans I received I have to sow on the bottom of the gully where the water took soil from my field. As soon as I harvest the crop, the water will carry it away to a lake.'

'Many of my neighbors still don't know how to take care of nature. They cut down whole forests, destroyed grazing land and now we have a problem with water', says Burasa looking at his house standing in the middle of a beautifully kept garden. But in a few years time, things may improve. 'Things will definitely change,' he concludes. Let us hope that, thanks to our contribution, things will change for the better.

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Environmental projects in Awasse in Ethiopia

People in Need is contributing to finding sustainable methods and alternatives to overuse of natural sources in Awasse. Our projects focus on reforestation, anti-erosion measures, diversification of agricultural production, and education of local people.

Reforestation and preparing conditions for land regeneration must go hand in hand with the local people taking the responsibility for their land and natural resources, otherwise the process will not be sustainable. This makes working with farmers to educate them in sustainable management of natural resources one of our most important activities.

The objective of diversifying crops is to enable farmers to grow new and resistant varieties of crops that should support the local population all year round. By planting borders between individual fields People in Need wants to reduce the amount of fertile soil erosion and support growing the kinds of plants which can be used not only to feed cattle but also for food.

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