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Happy goat

A healthy goat serves as a source of milk and income for a poor family. In addition to milk, the goat can have kids and eventually make a herd, which will help to support a large family. Thanks to the Real Gift campaign, we are able to purchase goats for families in Congo, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.

By purchasing a Real Gift certificate you will support our LIVELIHOODS program.

See below for the preview of our Real Gift certificate, read what a goat has done for one recipient family, or watch the video about how a Real Gift helps.

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By purchasing this certificate you will contribute to the aid program LIVELIHOODS.

Proceedings from the LIVELIHOODS program are used to help people start out on their own. We help particularly those individuals who lost their livelihoods or are unable to support their families because of a natural disaster or war. Fishermen receive canoes and fishing nets to enable them to get back to fishing. Farmers are provided with sheep, cows or agricultural equipment or seed stock. Finally, we hold training courses for those who are starting a new trade.

Our aim is to help people achieve economic independence for themselves. We have neither the intention nor the ability to provide long-term support once individuals and their families are in a position to support themselves. Thanks to LIVELIHOODS projects, these people are able to stand on their own two feet again.


In the southeast of Congo, the province of South Kivu was affected by a long war conflict. We help the victims of sexual violence in this are. In May 2011, we distributed goats to ten women. The goats will provide the women with a stable income, which will enable them to pay for their living expenses as well as to help others. The distribution is a part of a broader project to help improve quality and availability of medical and psychosocial care to raped women.

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Angola went through a long civil war, which left most of its inhabitants in absolute poverty. People in Need has been working in Angola since 2006, especially in the most affected and impoverished province of Bié. Here, we implement programs focused on providing help to small farmers and education to children.

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Goats provide us with livelihoods

"I'm 42 years old, which is quite an old age in Namibia. I heard that the average age that people live to in our country is only 47. I live in the village of Blouwes, which lies about 25 km away from the road between the capital Windhoek and the capital of our region Keetmanshoop. We go shopping there every fortnight because there is only a very small shop with a limited range of food in our village. There is desert all around us, so it's really difficult to grow anything.

I'm a member of a self-help group called Ma/gai I Dan. We try to help people living with HIV. HIV/AIDS is a big problem, especially in villages such as ours. There is no medical clinic and people who are HIV positive don't have access to antiretroviral drugs.

The biggest problem in our village is unemployment. I don't know anyone who lives here who has a job. Most people survive only thanks to the support they receive from their relatives living in other towns. Some also keep goats. However, keeping farm animals or growing vegetables is very difficult in the area where we live.

Unfortunately, my family has never had goats. And so I was really grateful when Gertrude Apollus from the Namibian People in Need organization appeared in one of our self-help group meetings. We discovered that, thanks to donors from the Czech Republic, our group could get 14 goats including one billy-goat. These goats will help us to provide for ourselves.

Ever since we received these goats, milk is no longer a problem. All the members of our group take turns taking care of the goats. Another great piece of news is that our goats are now pregnant! We are waiting for them to have their babies. We can sell them in the market and the earnings will help us provide for other necessities for our families. We know these goats will help us in the long run. Thanks to them, we'll continue to have milk and baby goats to sell for income."

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Donated goats with their new owners.


Children will also benefit from your gifts.


Keeping goats is a traditional source of livelihoods.


A typical dwelling of people living in poverty.


People in Need in Namibia

We have been working in Namibia since 2003 and we focus on HIV prevention and providing livelihoods for the poorest. Almost 20% of the inhabitants are HIV positive, the unemployment rate is almost 50% and the average life expectancy is only 50. Since December 2010, People in Need have provided support to poor people in villages by distributing goats through the local chapter, Namibian People in Need. So far, we have been able to provide donations to three self-help groups and three poor families. Each of them received 14 goats including one billygoat. Thanks to the help of Real Gift donors, we have been able to provide 90 goats in total.

Apart from delivering help to the poorest inhabitants, People in Need also provides support to HIV positive mothers. Our aid work entails psycho-social consultations, educational activities and the provision of baby food purchased with donated money.

In 2004, People in Need founded a sheltered workshop which employs HIV-positive women. Women from the workshop make hand-made products, which are sold in the local market or exported to the EU. Profits from the sales are re-invested in the running of the workshop.

Thanks to donated farm animals we have milk and can attend a school

Some goats and cows donated through the Real Gift campaign are now helping children in Congo. For 93 children living in an orphanage run by Mama Sifa, the goats mean fresh milk as well as providing an opportunity for children to attend a school.

The house for children in the village of Katana resembles a small farm. There is a low wooden building with a backyard, a shed, a country kitchen made of straw, and finally domestic animals, that contribute to a better life for the children. In the spring, they received five cows and ten goats from People in Need. “It's a huge help which provides children with part of their nutrition. We keep cows exclusively for milk which we use to make cheese and curd”, says Mama Sifa, pleased.

Running the whole house is dependent on the generosity of various donors “I'm trying to raise money wherever I can. Just to purchase food for children costs me $1000 a month so it's great that we have, thanks to the goats, fresh milk and cheese from our own production. Each child gets a bit and I sell the rest in the town which enables me to buy flour, rice, fish, fruit and vegetables which the children also need.“ says Mama Sifa.

“Of course we are going to try to ensure that donated cows have lots of calves so that we can sell them, while the goats we keep exclusively for breeding. We'd like to sell their kids and use the proceeds to pay for the school fees and food for the children. We have a piece of land and, apart from goats and cows, we also keep rabbits, hens and ducks. Children have to help with looking after the farm but only after they come back from their school,” adds the director of the orphanage.

Apart from the goats and cows being an irreplaceable source of food and income, the children also learn how to look after the animals—a skill they may need one day when they grow up and leave the gates of the orphanage to start looking for a job.

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