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Four jerrycans for water

We often take for granted the running drinking water we get from our faucets at home. But in some areas of Afghanistan, women spend many hours travelling to a source of drinking water, which they often have to take from dirty rivers. This certificate buys one water pump that can provide a small village with drinking water.

By purchasing a Real Gift certificate you will support our WATER program.

See below for the preview of our Real Gift certificate or read about how a Real Gift helps.

€ 7,50

By purchasing this certificate you will contribute to the aid program WATER.

In Africa, local women and children walk for miles to get to water and it’s often so dirty that they die as result of drinking it. According to the UN, almost two million children die because of polluted water and poor hygiene.

We want to change this. That’s why we use the proceedings from the WATER program to build new sources of drinking water in several countries of the world and are also trying to help improve hygiene. In Afghanistan, for example we dig and drill wells for villages. In response to catastrophic drought and looming famine, we have started to repair water sources in Ethiopia and we also distributed 25 000 jerrycans for water.

Jerrycans help people survive droughts

Ethiopia is an extremely dry country. Most of the rain falls during a three-month rainy season. For the rest of the year, the country suffers droughts. During this period people are dependent on the water they bring to their villages in their jerrycans.

Baida Hajisaid used to spend several hours each day carrying water. "We used to have a borehole well, but then it broke down and didn’t get fixed for two years. It's a hole over 200 meters deep and we were not able to repair it. We could use water from a pond, which is not far from our village, but during the dry season we had to go to Alaba where there are four boreholes. We had to leave at 7am and we would return at around 2pm. We repeated this once every three days and used donkeys with a cart to carry the water," says Baida, whose three children help her to carry the water. Engineers from People in Need have now repaired the well. “It's much easier now. Besides having a repaired well with drinking water, People in Need built a new health center,” says Baida.

People in Need distributes thousands of jerrycans to families in Ethiopia who have to travel long distances to get drinking water, just like Baida's family. Thanks to Real Gift we have also been able to help supply schools with water. Eight schools were provided with 200 jerrycans and forty 40-liter barrels. Children also received a thousand bars of soap.

Seven-year-old Bafata Imankena attends a school which People in Need built in Asora. The biggest problem was that pupils had no drinking water. "Even though we were very thirsty, we had to wait until we got home. Now we have jerrycans with water here and things are going to be easier."

Teachers feel the same way. Agriso Tomato, the principal at Loke Abaya school, which was opened in the autumn of last year, appreciates the donated gift. “It will help us a lot. Children will be able to have a drink when they are thirsty and thus they will be able to concentrate better during their lessons," says the principal.

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