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Notepads and pencils for ten children

Children in Africa go to school with only one notepad and pencil. Sometimes there is nothing to write with on the blackboard and sometimes there isn't even a blackboard. The value of this Real Gift certificate is sufficient to purchase notepads and pencils for a whole class!

By purchasing this Real Gift certificate you will support our SCHOOLS program.

See below for the preview of our Real Gift certificate, read a story or watch the video about how a Real Gift helps.

€ 7,50

By purchasing this certificate you will contribute to the aid program SCHOOL.

Children in Ethiopia and Afghanistan have a chance for a better future if they go to school. But many of them are not able to attend school because there is no school in their surrounding area. In some countries, formal education still remains an unattainable dream for children. People in Need is, however, trying to make this a reality with the help of Czech donors. We use proceedings from the SCHOOL program to build and equip new schools for children in poor countries of Africa and Asia.


People in Need helps improve the level of education at schools in the Kitutu area in the east of Congo. Thanks to Real Gift, the distribution of education supplies is secured in this area. Provided supplies are not solely for children but also for teachers, to help them improve the quality of their teaching methods and make learning more interesting. A donated map of the world, a picture of a human body and a bilingual dictionary are a few examples of donated supplies to assist teachers.

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We have a new school!

In the Ethiopian village of Lante, People in Need built their first school in 2006. Four years later we expanded the school premises by adding another building with two classrooms for the seventh and eighth grades. Thanks to our donors, who bought the SCHOOL certificate in our Real Gift e-shop, we were able to purchase new school equipment such as blackboards, desks, notepads, pencils and textbooks for the children. Thanks to purchases made through our e-shop children also received jerrycans from which they can drink water during the day.

“The school, which was built by People in Need, is better than the State ones. The main difference is that there are 36 of us in the class, whilst in other schools there are more than 70 pupils in each class” says Anteneh Hiskel who attends the seventh grade.

Anteneh is pleased that he will not have to change his school next year as there is now the eighth grade at his current school. 'There are still problems. We still lack some school equipment especially some textbooks and we don't have a library or a laboratory,' he says. He likes attending school. 'Thanks to teachers we learn a lot of new things. Although our conditions are far from ideal, the school is still better that the State ones,' he concludes.

Tariku Degne, a 13 year old pupil from the third year, especially appreciates morning lessons as most schools don't hold classes in the mornings. 'I think it's important to learn all day even though it's sometimes difficult.' he comments.

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How we build schools in Ethiopia

Since 2004 People in Need, in cooperation with Junák (the Association of Scouts and Guides of the Czech Republic), has been organizing a fundraising event called 'Let's build a school in Africa!'. By September 2010 we had built 10 elementary schools for a total of 2060 children thanks to the funds raised at this event.

Thanks to the campaign 'Let's build a school in Africa!' we are able to build these schools. Real Gift certificates then enable us to equip them with blackboards, desks, notepads, textbooks, etc....

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Preview of electronic certificate Preview of electronic certificate

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