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A pump for drinking water

We often take for granted the running drinking water we get from our faucets at home. But in some areas of Afghanistan, women spend many hours travelling to a source of drinking water, which they often have to take from dirty rivers. This certificate buys one water pump that can provide a small village with drinking water.

WATER program.

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€ 166,00

By purchasing this certificate you will contribute to the aid program WATER.

In Africa, local women and children walk for miles to get to water and it’s often so dirty that they die as result of drinking it. According to the UN, almost two million children die because of polluted water and poor hygiene.

We want to change this. That’s why we use the proceedings from the WATER program to build new sources of drinking water in several countries of the world and are also trying to help improve hygiene. In Afghanistan, for example we dig and drill wells for villages. In response to catastrophic drought and looming famine, we have started to repair water sources in Ethiopia and we also distributed 25 000 jerrycans for water.

Now we can have drinking water whenever we want

Maidan Agricultural and Veterinary Institute is around 40km away from the Afghan capital Kábul. The central building has 16 classrooms and offers courses to 210 students. The Institute, as well as the local inhabitants, used to suffer from a lack of water.

“We never had enough water for drinking or watering school plots where our teachers show students how to use their knowledge in practice. Our crop was never as good as we hoped because of the lack of water. We were dependent on occasional rain showers and we had no other option for irrigation,” says the institute’s director.

People in Need helped to build a 26–meter-deep well. Not only does it solve the school’s problem but it also offers enough water for local inhabitants. Teachers, students and residents used to drink water from the mountain stream, but the stream was also used by animals and it soon became polluted. People constantly suffered from various diseases as a result. Problems became even worse during winter. Apart from not having enough water, it was also difficult to get to its source in freezing weather. Some locals say that things were ten times worse in wintertime.

We installed a new pump in the well. “Now we can have drinking water whenever we want. Pupils from the school, people from three villages in the surrounding area and even by-passers use the well,” says Mr. Hasibullah happily.

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For drinking and for the garden!

When we finished building a well for a school in the district of Čohi, a desert in the north of Afghanistan, pupils and teachers were delighted.

“Our school had some water but it wasn’t enough for the pupils, let alone irrigation of school plots. We managed to water a small number of the school plots from the river, but during the summer months the river dried out quickly without the rain,” says the school principal Badruddin. There are 650 children attending the school. Because of limited space classes take place from early morning to late afternoons. Female students in the first through final grades and small boys attend the school in the mornings and the older boys attend it in the afternoons.

People in Need decided to give the school a Real Gift to solve the problem of water availability. A new 120-meter deep well was drilled, which now enables children to pump water manually during a whole day. After lessons, they can use the pump to draw water for the school plots.

“The water we now have for irrigation enables us to improve the school surroundings, to grow decorative trees, and also almond trees and vegetables – for example aubergines or potatoes. We can then sell the vegetables and contribute in this way to our school budget,” the school principal explains.

Although this is a general-education school, teaching agriculture is a vital part of the school curriculum. In Afghanistan, 80% of the population work in agriculture. “One day I’d like to have my own almond tree orchard. I’m glad I have the opportunity to learn about how to grow them and look after them. It isn’t possible without water,” says ten-year-old Farida, emphasizing the importance of her chosen field of study. A country destroyed and devastated by decades of war needs to be looked after.

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Clean water in Afghanistan

JOne of the main objectives of People in Need in Afghanistan is to secure better access to drinking water and improvement hygienic conditions in general. There are comprehensive programs in individual districts. They include building wells, water pipes, underground water supplies, latrines for schools, hospitals and households. The program also entails education for local people on hygiene and on how to maintain wells in good order.

For example, in the mountains in the province of Paktia on the border between with Pakistan, known for its instability and lack of security, People in Need has been running a program to restore water resources and an intensive training program on hygiene since 2006. The result is 43 new wells, 151 latrines and 13 protected natural springs. This has improved access to water for more than 36,000 people.

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