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Marvellous sewing machine

This Real Gift certificate has the value of one sewing machine. For a woman living in difficult conditions, a sewing machine can mean a better future and the opportunity to support her children and herself. Thanks to Real Gift donors, People in Need can purchase sewing machines for women in Congo, Namibia and Sri Lanka.

By purchasing a Real Gift certificate you will support our LIVELIHOODS program.

See below for the preview of our Real Gift certificate, read a story or watch the video about how a Real Gift helps.

€ 55,00

By purchasing this certificate you will contribute to the aid program LIVELIHOODS.

Proceedings from the LIVELIHOODS program are used to help people start out on their own. We help particularly those individuals who lost their livelihoods or are unable to support their families because of a natural disaster or war. Fishermen receive canoes and fishing nets to enable them to get back to fishing. Farmers are provided with sheep, cows or agricultural equipment or seed stock. Finally, we hold training courses for those who are starting a new trade.

Our aim is to help people achieve economic independence for themselves. We have neither the intention nor the ability to provide long-term support once individuals and their families are in a position to support themselves. Thanks to LIVELIHOODS projects, these people are able to stand on their own two feet again.


Mrs. Déví lives in Sri Lanka in an area that was until recently occupied by Tamil Tigers rebels. During the fighting she lost her husband and spent over a year in a refugee camp with her children. People in Need helped her to start out again by providing her with a sewing machine purchased through Real Gift, thanks to which she can support her family.

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My neighbors know I can sew well

Mrs. Premila lost a part of her family and her home during the war in Sri Lanka. Thanks to the donation of a sewing machine, she can now sew and support her children. ”When we left our homes running away from the war, soldiers were bombarding our village and the road. We were trying to escape as fast as we could towards the north of the country to the town of Vavuniya. My mother and my eight-year-old daughter and many other people didn’t survive the bombings,“ 29-year-old Premila tells us almost mechanically with an empty expression on her face.

She and her family spent most of 2009 in a refugee camp. The army released them in October 2009 but on their return they found that their house had been destroyed. ”We don’t have a house, so we live in temporary accommodation made of sheet metal. Otherwise, things went back to normal. My children – 6-year-old Januha and 10-year-old Sangeeth – attend a local school and I work as a teacher in a nursery school. I earn around 3,000 rupees per month (approx. 25 EUR). It’s better than nothing but it’s far from enough to support our family. Everything now is expensive – rice, vegetables, just everything. I only have a temporary contract at work so the school director can tell me any time that he doesn’t need me,” Premila explains.

“Before the war I used to make nice dresses for the whole family. We used to have a house and a sewing machine and money to buy fabric,” reminisces Premila of better times past. ”Now, thanks to a sewing machine from the Czech Republic, I can make dresses to order in the evenings, nights or weekends to make extra money, which we need badly. My neighbors know that I can sew well and anyone who can afford it brings me their fabric to make some piece of clothing for them. I take a lot of much pleasure from it! People appreciate your work if you do it well. And I'm not afraid of work,” says Premila resolutely.

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Some facts about Sri Lanka

Srí Lanka was hit by a tsunami in 2004. Even before this, the country was embroiled in a civil war which claimed 75,000 lives and during which millions of people lost their property and were forced out of their homes.

Since 2005, People in Need has been helping people affected by the armed conflict and the tsunami. Thanks to the help of donors from the Czech Republic we have been successful at restoring livelihoods and helping people get their lives back to normal.

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