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What will I gain by purchasing a gift certificate via Real Gift in the e-shop?

In our e-shop you can purchase a gift certificate where you can write a personal message and give this unique gift to any of your friends and family. The proceeds from the sale of certificates are used to provide people in need with drinking water, education, healthcare or new livelihoods, and thus their economic independence. Also, purchasing a meaningful present leaves many people with a positive feeling of doing good for other people!

What is an electronic certificate?

Our electronic certificate enables you to give a Real Gift to a friend or a member of your family in a paper-free format by sending it in an email. In our e-shop you can write your personal message and the recipient‘s email address where they will receive your gift certificate in PDF format. You can also choose to send your gift at a later date. If you wish to send your gift on a certain day, it is possible to purchase your gift in advance and enter your chosen ‘Send date’ in the format DD.MM.YYYY.

If I purchase a new blackboard for a school, will a school really receive a blackboard?

It is very likely that a blackboard will be purchased with your money but it may happen that textbooks, pens or other school equipment might be needed more at the time and so your money might be used to buy them instead. However, proceeds from a gift certificate bought for our SCHOOL project will be used within this project. The things available to purchase within each certificate reflect the things we often purchase in countries targeted for help. At the same time we seek to use the financial resources we raise most effectively, which is why we may purchase a different thing but always within the same program - i.e. either SCHOOLS or WATER or LIVELIHOOD or HEALTH.

How is the money donated used?

If you purchase a gift certificate for a goat, your money is used within our LIVELIHOODS project. It enables us to purchase a goat in a country we support. This way we save on high transport cost and support the local market. A pre-selected family is provided with the goat to help them start their own livelihood.


These four projects represent our priorities within the humanitarian and development assistance we provide. Many people die of, or are infected by, illnesses caused by polluted water. This is why we dig and drill wells, build water reservoirs and educate local children on good hygiene habits. We believe that access to schools and education lead the way out of poverty, which is why we build and equip new schools. Livelihood leads to economic independence and enables people to work and support themselves. Within our Health project we help to build new hospitals and clinics or, for example, train midwives.

How do I buy your certificates as a gift to someone?

It’s simple. You choose your Real gift in our e-shop and place it in your shopping cart. In the cart, you can write a personal message to the gift recipient on your chosen certificate and enter their email address. You can display your gift certificate in a preview which is to be found with every product we offer. Your certificate, however, will not contain red text as seen in the preview. Instead there will be a space for your message.

How long does it take for the certificate to arrive?

The electronic certificate is sent immediately after your payment is received or on the date you set in the shopping cart.

Will I receive feedback about how the money for my gift certificate is used?

Yes, we seek to provide our donors with as much information as possible. You will find stories of people whom 'Real Gift' has helped at our website under each 'Real Gift'. If you are interested in hearing more about our activities, please contact us at our email address .

What if I come across a problem for example if the certificate is not delivered or if any other unexpected situation arises?

There is nothing simpler than contacting us at our email address at . We strive to resolve any problems to your satisfaction.

How does People in Need manage its financial resources?

Our annual report, which you can download HERE, will provide you with information about our economic activities. We always strive to minimize our administration costs. Around 90% of our financial resources are spent on humanitarian and development assistance. Expenses incurred for our administrative work and for recruiting donors in the Czech Republic take up about 10% of the total turnover of our humanitarian and development assistance department.

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