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How your gift helps

See where we have helped thanks to Real Gift and our donors in 2011.

Within the Real Gift project in 2011, we have so far distributed 250,000 seedlings of trees. Hundreds of women safely gave birth in health centres supported by donors from Bohemia and Moravia. We have donated 2,763 chickens, 522 goats, 86 sheep, 40 rabbits and 59 cows. 40 donkeys with carts are helping farmers transporting loads. In addition, we equipped several schools with desks, chairs and teaching aids. We fixed more than 30 wells and provided drinking water for the needy. We have distributed 20 sewing machines to new lucky owners. Poor farmers have been given necessary tools. We have bought one hectare of land to grow vegetables for orphans. To prevent HIV transmission from mother to child, we have given away 742 cans of powdered baby food. Whole report...

The principle is simple. By purchasing a gift certificate for a goat, donors contribute to the "Livelihoods programme" and a real goat will be purchased for this money. If at some point in time, more goat certificates are being sold than is actually needed, PIN will instead buy for example sheep, but will always use this gift within the “Livelihood programme”. The same rule applies to the programmes "School", "Health" and "Water".

By purchasing a Real Gift from the WATER category, you will make it easier for people to access drinking water. Without this gift, they have to travel long hours to obtain drinking water or are exposed to illnesses caused by drinking dirty water.
Real Gifts from the SCHOOLS category help children from poor areas of Africa and Asia receive an education. People in Need has been building new schools for a number of years not only in Ethiopia but also in Angola, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and in other countries.
By purchasing a certificate from LIVELIHOODS, you will help people stand on their own two feet. Small farmers, craftsmen, and their families can support themselves thanks to these gifts and don’t have to depend on help from others.
By purchasing a Real Gift from the HEALTH program, you will enable the poorest people to get access to health care. We work in countries where there is often no health insurance system in place and everyone has to pay for their treatment.

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